World’s lightest and smallest Satellite

What is the best thing you read today?

He Scored only an average mark of 750 in his 12th Board Exam. But he was awarded as a ‘Young Scientist’ by NASA! (These Headings in the Newspaper attracts me towards the best read today)

World’s lightest and smallest Satellite.

  • Mohammed Rifath Sharukh, a 17 year old young scientist made the World’s Lightest and Smallest Satellite!
  • Pallapatti born, Karur district; Tamilnadu.
  • NASA organized a competition. Above 8000 students from 57 countries were participated. He was the only Indian who was selected out of 80 participants.

About his Satellite:

  • He named the Satellite ‘ KALAM SAT’ in memory of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul kalam.
  • It weighs only 64 grams.(0.1 kg and 3.8 cm in size)
  • “Space Kidz India” supported him.
  • It was a complete Indian made Satellite.


  • It will be used to detect the radiation in Space, and the changes in the atmosphere.
  • It will stay only 240 minutes on space. Then, automatically falls in in to the specified ocean. Finally, take out for research.


  • On June 22nd, 2017 it will launch through SRK Rocket.
  • If they launch succesfully, then it will be used to Agriculture and monitor the Weather.
  • I wondered when I saw Mohamed Sharukh’s 12th Board Exam Mark Details:
  • In Mathematics: 92/200.
  • In Physics: 89/200.(Practical Mark: 50)

(For the rest, he written only for 39 marks in theory! (Less than my mark!)

  • He is one of the inspirations to the Students, who scored average marks in their Board Exams.
  • For Parents: Marks don’t determine your Children, who they are. Every Children are born with talents.

This will be the first time Indian student’s experiment will be flown by NASA. (Really appreciable!)

What is the best thing you read today?