Use of digital marketing in today’s world.

Top Industries using Digital Marketing

At present, an average person spends most of its time on the internet for various purposes like checking facebook, twitter or any other social media page, watching youtube videos, getting news or any other useful information etc. So, for companies to sell their product or service, a sound marketing strategy is required to target these people. This strategy comes under a new form of marketing known as Digital Marketing where companies’ use the most popular user platforms on the internet to sell their product. While Digital Marketing supposedly helps businesses to grow, a large number of people are skeptical of its benefits and the end result.

So, for those who like to see results before applying a marketing technique and be sure of what they are doing, Here is a list of some industries currently using digital marketing techniques to increase their businesses-

  1. Food Industry

Nowadays, people use facebook, twitter, Instagram etc. to show the food they are eating at a particular place. But this trend was initially started by restaurants to make people market their innovative dishes and to show their presence in the market. They would ask people to share a picture or do a Facebook check-in for a free drink or snack. This trend became so popular that now people do that by themselves as they love to share everything on social media.

Another great example is set by Ice Pan Creamery. They shared their innovative ice cream rolls making a video which became so popular among the people that they traveled from all parts of Delhi to try it at least once leading to increased sales with minimal effort.

  1. Automobile Industry

Automobile industry comes under those industries which understood the potential of digital marketing at a very early stage. A consumer likes to compare and take advice as much as possible before buying a car or a bike. So, the industry has dedicated a specific team which is a part of every auto-related online forum to solve customer queries and provides useful advice. Some major car forums are, etc.

  1. Health Industry

Health Industry has become one of the most prominent users of Digital Marketing. Whenever people see any kind of symptoms in their body, the first thing that they do is look for possible problems over the internet. So, many healthcare startups have used digital marketing by providing quality content to the consumers along with their brand promotion. One such example is the Docs App.

  1. Law

It might seem unrealistic but the law firms are using digital marketing techniques for a substantial period of time. Lawyers are intelligent people who have the ability to create quality content relating to various laws and arguments. They often write about controversial topics like laws relating to cow slaughter, Kulbhushan Yadav case etc. A person who reads the article find it quite informative and the lawyer or the law firm gets clients. So, they majorly use blogging to meet their purpose.

Don’t lose heart if your kind of business doesn’t come under the above list as digital marketing includes so many things which can prove to be useful for different businesses. The key is to find the most efficient techniques and make a sound strategy suiting a particular kind of company.

Let’s summarize the session with the points of which helps to grow the industries.

  • increase website traffic
  • increase brand recognition
  • Improve search engine rankings
  • Generate leads
  • Increase online sales conversation
  • Improve internal communication