February 20, 2017

About me

Hey there! DILLIP here. Welcome to my blog and glad that you checked my page. I am always passionate about flying(pilot, dreams never come true) but my interest always tends to learn new techs. All these pulled me out to reach the target people and share the ideas, knowledge to them who does not have a chance to learn and explore.

Our godfather says that experience teaches you a lot and I am one them who just carry a bunch of good and bad experiences which taught me a lot on my own. Time to time my pages will be updated with a bucket of experienced, useful information’s related to trending technology, new inventions, gadgets reviews, useful techniques related to project management and much more.

Digital marketing is one of my new added interests including trending applications targeting IOS and Android.

Graduated in science, aviation foundations, interested in CPL(commercial pilot license) but every odds of life held me back and finally landed to take masters in the different field. But happy to help and share the undistinguished knowledge to the world is my passion.

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